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Mythalix - Welcome to War!

Chapter 1: Greek Mythology

Designed by Sunrise Game Studio ©

Take on the role of a powerful God stranded in a new and hostile world. Facing off against rival Gods, you must do battle by commanding armies and warriors, all with the purpose of becoming the first to claim the Elements of Fire, Wind, Earth and Water and create the Mythalix.

2-4 Players | Ages 14 + | 60 + minutes

Gods & Titans clash in a new world. Build your deck, control areas and & battle opponents for supremacy.
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Mythalix is a competitive deck building and area control game.

It is the first game of many to be released by Sunrise Game Studio.


  • Deck building and area control

  • Strategic gameplay to suit different types of players

  • Immerse yourself in a new take on Greek Mythology

  • Stunning acrylic Gods and Tiles

  • Over 100 beautifully illustrated cards to enhance your gameplay experience

  • Cunning strategic gameplay that suit different styles of players

  • 10 Unique Gods equipped with their own abilities and powers



  • 1 Game Board (540 x 500mm)

  • 4 Player Boards (400 x 140mm) 

  • 10 God Figurines (75 x 60mm)

  • 8 Element Tokens

  • 2 Six Sided Dice

  • 2 Eight Sided Dice

  • 2 Twelve Sided Dice

  • 2 Twenty Sided Dice

  • 12 Tally Cubes

  • 40 Gold Coins

  • 10 God Cards (126 x 87mm)

  • 12 Warrior Cards (88 x 63mm)

  • 18 Army Cards (88 x 63mm)

  • 22 Mythical Cards (88 x 63mm)

  • 42 Power Cards (88 x 63mm)

  • 16 Stronghold Acrylics (60mm)

  • 1 Gold Stronghold (60mm)

  • 4 Reference Cards (126 x 87mm)

  • 1 Rule Book (272x216mm)

Game Design and Development:

Julian Gaine & Kyri Karaiskakis



Christalla Mouskou

Animation and Graphic Design:

James Moran

Box Art:

James Churchill

Board Art:

Lily Yao Lu


Sam Turner

Jerry Padilla

James Churchill

Nathanael Mortensen

Lee Rossi

Darryl Petrucci

David Lopez Ardian

Hidayat Ashritha Nanchala

Christos Zabaras

How you choose to become an ‘all powerful’ deity is up to you. 
Welcome to War!

The first player to collect 4 Elements is the winner.

These can be obtained by defeating the four Elemental Altars or by defeating other player's Gods and stealing them.

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