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The game has a great sense of pacing to it and dynamically adjusts difficulty depending on 2 or 3-4 players. 

I love how it gives the players opportunity to build their army for later in the game. 

I’m keen to play it more and figure out more directions for strategy and heck, if there are chances of a larger 5-6 player version


I’ll be straight, I am not a professional game reviewer I just enjoy good board games. After seeing a few early protypes of this game I saw it’s potential and couldn’t help but back it when it launched on Kickstarter. And it was very much worth the money.

Mythalix is based on the timeless, an all out battle for supremacy, tactically. Who doesn’t love a good battle against their nearest and dearest? 2-4 Greek Gods (players) each seeking to win themselves four elements, create the Mythalix and rule over their new Kingdom.


I'm going to be honest about my review. This is game is great, now that we have our list of house rules established. Solid 8/10. The concept is interesting, the artwork is beautiful, and it's accessible enough to where anyone can pick it up and learn how to play it.


It's simple to learn, but it has a lot of depth and strategy once you get going. This has become one of our go-to games.

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